inventor & activist

My path towards interfering less, towards “unchaining” nature is filled with a lot of work. No pains, no gains. Luckily, I’m full of energy, an “activist” if you like – and an artisan. If you do your stuff yourself, you don’t have to buy it and you can also develop a personal connection to the piece. To give an example, I have helped to design the kettle for the teas I bring out in the vineyards. I use a “worm box” in which worms and bacteria convert vegetables into a highly effective compost earth. I blend this earth into my compost tea and spray my vineyards. I build my own “insect hotels” designed for harbouring those indispensable little helpers. These hotels are then placed in suitable locations in the vineyards. Bio-diversity, flora and fauna – all of them are an important part of my philosophy and key to biodynamics.