Lines of simplicity.
The portfolio.

My wines display many layers. The portfolio however is simple: 2 series, that’s it. Life is complicated anyway.

MO: stands for Martin Obenaus, quite simply. But simple does not have to mean trivial, rather easy-going in the best sense of the word. The MO line of white wines is aged in stainless steel tanks, the reds are aged in old, large oak barrels. My focus with these wines lies on a clear, elegant fruit, which combines with fresh acidity and low alcohol to pure drinking pleasure without regrets.

Unchained is the centerpiece of my portfolio. While the human factor plays a bigger role in the MO line, I take a further step back for “Unchained”. I leave the wines alone as much as possible and give them the time they need. They usually spend 2 years at the winery before I put them on the market. They mature partly in stainless steel tanks, partly in those beautiful old wooden barrels, which can hold up to 4,000 litres. These provide the wines with oxygen without imposing wooden aromas on them. Thanks to their natural harmony, the “Unchained” line of wines is a reflection of the soils, grape varieties and climate in my region. Unadulterated, sometimes edgy, true, unchained.